Election Day 2011-Don’t forget to VOTE!

Today is election day in the Town of Clarence.

Don’t forget to visit your polling place and cast your vote. If you are not sure where your polling place is, visit the Erie County Board of Elections web site to find out.

The following candidates are on this year’s ballot:


DEM - Democratic
REP - Republican
CON - Conservative
WF - Working Families
IND - Independence
GRN - Green

Justice of the Supreme Court
(Vote for One)
Patrick H. NeMoyer (D, R, C, W, I)	

Family Court Judge
(Vote for One)
Sharon M. LoVallo (D, W, I)	
Patricia A. Maxwell (R, C)	

Erie County Executive
(Vote for One)
Mark C. Poloncarz (D, W)	
Chris Collins (R, I, C)	

Erie County Clerk
(Vote for One)
Maria R. Whyte (D, W)	
Christopher L. Jacobs (R, C, I)	

County Legislator, Dist. 6
(Vote for One)
Toni L. Vazquez (D, W)	
Edward A Rath (R, C, I)	

Clarence Supervisor
(Vote for One)
Scott A. Bylewski (D, W)	
David C. Hartzell Jr. (R, C, I)	

Clarence Councilman
(Vote for Two)
Bernard J. Kolber (D, R, C, I)	
Robert A. Geiger (D, R, C)	
Joseph N. Weiss (I)	

Clarence Town Clerk
(Vote for One)
Nancy C. Metzger (R, C, I)	

Clarence Town Justice
(Vote for One)
Robert G. Sillars (R, C, I)